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PTC Punjabi

PTC Punjabi started beaming on 6th August 2008 and since then it has remained the leading Punjabi entertainment channel for the state of Punjab.
PTC Punjabi is the only Punjabi entertainment channel that airs live Gurbani from Sri  Harmandir Sahib (Darbar Sahib), Amritsar for more than 8 hours a day.
The channel features entertainment programmes including dramas, comedies, music, talk shows and awards ceremonies. PTC Punjabi has revolutionized the Punjabi cinema and music industry by introducing the most sought after Film & Music Awards.
PTC Punjabi has been the no.1 Punjabi channel as per the rating agencies throughout the last decade and is the no.1 channel in Punjab ever since BARC started reporting Punjab market separately.

News & Current Affairs

PTC News is the leading Punjabi News channel globally. The channel focuses on the news & infotainment which is related to Punjabis globally. The channel is perceived as the most credible source of news and that if news is not carried on PTC News, then it’s not meant for Punjabis!
Under the able leadership of experienced editors, with vast network of Punjabi reporters, state-of-the-art studios & the most advanced play-out technology, the channel has clearly established itself as a leader and has showcased an incredible growth story.
The popularity of the channel is not limited to India but it’s also viewed by Punjabis all across the globe, mainly from the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Middle East.

Punjabi Music

PTC Chak De is an extremely popular Punjabi music channel. The channel broadcasts an exciting mix of contemporary Punjabi music. It also telecasts daily Gurbani from historical Gurughar, Takht Sri Huzur Sahib, Nanded, Maharashtra. Programmes include star interviews, artist profiles, concerts and chart rundowns, as well as video request shows. The channel is available globally through its distribution mix of linear and digital feeds.

All across the globe, mainly from the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Middle East.

24×7 Movies & Sports

PTC Punjabi Gold is a 24-hour Punjabi movie and sports channel, and offer a unique mix of movies and sports. It has most of the movies that shaped the Punjabi industry through the years in all possible popular genres of romance, action, social, suspense, political, religious and thriller.

The channel features the latest in sports like kabaddi, cricket, hockey, wrestling, Sikh games & has aired Wold Kabaddi Cup, Kabaddi Leagues & other sport events from major sport arenas from across the globe.


Religious & Spiritual

PTC SIMRAN is a 24×7 channel dedicated to Sikhism. Unlike typical religious channels which air only Kirtan, PTC SIMRAN has talent shows related to Gurbani singing, Sikh Heritage Quiz, Gatka competitions, Dhadhi Singing and Gurbani Shabads being sung by kids from Baru Sahib.
In addition to morning Gurbani from Baru Sahib, the channel features Kirtan Darbar every day from various Gurudwaras of the country along with Sikh Heritage trivia.
Additionally, the channel features special contests, quizzes & programs on Sikh history to promote Sikhism within youth.


World’s only 24-hours Streaming TV Channel on Facebook

PTC Dhol TV is a one of a kind 24-hour, first ever live Facebook channel, streaming music in Punjabi language. The channel broadcasts a mixture of Punjabi local music and ‘Pendu’ Songs (Folk Songs from the villages of Punjab).
DHOL TV is a treat for music enthusiasts who love traditional Punjabi folk and streams a huge variety of songs, ranging from Akhara to studio folk.


Premium Punjabi and Hindi Music

PTC Music is PTC’s premium Punjabi and Bollywood music channel. The channel is especially dedicated to promote new and rising Punjabi singers. The channel regularly promotes Punjabi songs of new singers who are looking forward to create a space
for themselves in the industry and do not have the resources, as well as showcasing the top artists of Punjabi genre.