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The PTC Network has four different websites serving globally and the corporate website is PTCNETWORK.COM which covers various shows that are aired on the channel along with entertainment news, music, celebrity news and live TV. Anything related to Punjabis or Punjabi industry is available here.


The number one Punjabi news channel website giving credible content to its viewers. Under the able leadership of experienced editors, it covers news on anything related to Punjab and Punjabis across the globe.

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We have 90+ pages on Facebook from each and every corner of Punjab, touching lives of Punjab all across the globe. PTC Network has a community of 4+ million subscribers on YouTube and the number is increasing day by day. The channel has a bank of more than 35,000 videos and is still counting.

International Kabaddi Cup 2019

Dedicated to 550 Years of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

From 1st Dec to 10th Dec

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PTC Play offers viewers a complete integrated entertainment option with both On-Demand and Live TV as we truly believe that entertainment should be available on the move.